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How to be Successful - YOU need to change YOUR life.

I'm on top of the world. How to become inspired, how do I learn the best ways to succeed life. The answer one 2 click taught me how to make money online and get financial freedom.



Thoroughly think about these points and then write them down in as much detail as possible. Repeat and go through this process as many times as it takes to get clarity. Be clear about who you are, have clarity of what you're trying to achieve in your life. 

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  1. Determine your purpose in life because your purpose is who you are. You have one precious life so decide who you are and start to live by it every single day no matter what. You will walk taller and happier immediately. This is called richness of the heart and no money can buy you that.
  2. Next, think of yourself in the most successful possible life that you can ever imagine living. Do so in super detail include health, spouse, family, money, home, helping others, cars, holidays whatever it is that's important to YOU. Be as vivid as possible seriously think to yourself. "What is my dream life". Imagine it to the point that you can actually feel you're already there. Does that feel amazing to you? Of coarse it does!!!
  3. What you just conceived is now literally attainable. Fact of the matter is what you have seen in your mind can become a reality. Make this imaginary vision your new tangible goal in life. Be sure to promise yourself that you'll do the hard work to get there. 
  4. Obviously this is going to take a lot of determination and time to do. Only you know what you’re truly capable of - so set a time limit to reach your goal. Write it down and actually date it with precision. For example 1 year from today, 5 years or maybe 10 years. Make sure you set it in stone because that is going to be one of the most satisfying days of your life.
  5. Now make a plan to get there. If you just frowned then slap yourself in the face! YOU have to drive yourself. It is not important to get it perfect from day one as a good plan always evolves. What is most important is to at least have a basic template or dot points. Why? Because this will start shifting your mindset from procrastination and push you in the right direction. Subliminally thinking about your goals will start to cause your basic plan to turn into actions. That is the crucial ingredient all successful people have... It's not some hidden secret its called DOING instead of just dreaming.
  6. Begin every day by writing down your purpose, your goals and what actions you will take as part of your plan each day. Use a post it, your phone or a notepad whatever works for you but write it down - try to never miss a day. After just one month you'll be blown away by your momentum. You will begin to truly believe you have what it takes to succeed like many others have done so before you including me.  It really is possible if you commit the effort.
  7. After finding belief taking action as mentioned is most crucial. You must now start performing at least one of those written actions every single day to get closer to your goal (NB. Action isn't starring in a  Hollywood blockbuster). Action means putting in real effort by reading a relevant book, researching topics your passionate about, studying another persons success story, networking, brainstorming, doing physical exercise etc. Remember your greatest source of wealth is between your ears so the sooner you invest in yourself the sooner you'll get the mega returns you deserve.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people that believe in you. Remove all the negative people from your life. Negative people hold your success back. These people only cause you the burden of self doubt and that messes with your mindset. Your mind and energy should be purely focused on your purpose, goals and quality matters such as learning and helping others.
  9. Choose one of the money making methods on this site and focus on it totally 100%.  We're talking laser beam focus - put all your creativity into it. You will be far more successful at growing this way than by doing a half baked job. It is essential to choose a money generating method that you actually enjoy. Why? To love your work and get you pumped up about doing whats required because you're enjoying it. For me, I love business and helping others so combining them both gives me an adrenaline rush to keep doing more than I did yesterday.
  10. Feeling overwhelmed? Listen I started out as a divorced and completely broke single parent. I know your current situation may be a challenge because you have to keep a day job in order to survive or look after your beautiful children do not fret. All you have to do right now is allow at least  a minimum of 1 hour per day to work on your dream goal and business. (FYI there are 24 hours in a day). Get truly serious about this! You will never achieve success when you spend more time in the toilet than working on your goals each day. 
  11. Work hard! No one ever tells you this part.  Work as hard as you fucking can. Losing a bit of sleep now, missing some functions, making some sacrifices, upsetting others. These are a small price to pay in order to reach your goals and look after loved ones. This has to be worth it to you otherwise your goals are too lame. Set yourself giant, massive epic goals - haters may laugh but that will just push you harder to succeed. From today never settle for less than your goals. Tattoo inside your mind that quitting is never an option for winners. You are a winner too WAKE UP!
  12. Last but certainly not least. When you wake up each day before you start the hustle take a few moments to be sincerely grateful for what you have and ALWAYS fix your bed. No matter what happens throughout your day come the night you will be back in your thankful zone and your made bed will remind you tomorrow is another brand new day.

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